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Voluntary Life Insurance:

Voluntary Life Insurance is a class of life insurance policy. It is a policy that helps you iny our financial plannings. Just like other life insurance policies,  it has the ability to provide financial security for your dependents in the event of your death while giving you maximum peace of mind when alife.

How the Policy Works:

The workings of this policy is that you choose an insurance company of your choice, choose a coverage sum that suits your insurance needs and signing up for the policy with your Insurer. You will agree on an insurance premium payable prior to the signing of the insurance agreement. The premiums maybe payable monthly or yearly depending on your agreement with your insurer. And the insurance company undertakes in return to pay death benefits to your beneficiaries upon your passing.

There is also a term life insurance policy where you subscribe to the policy and pay premiums for a set number of years, and if you die within the set years, your dependents will receive death benefits accruing from your policy.

 Benefits of Voluntary Life Insurance:

Affordable Premiums

The premiums payable on this policy are reasonably affordable. This is because you get to choose the coverage that aligns with your budget and earnings.

Future Financial Gains

We also know that Life generally is unpredictable, but this policy wil ensure that your dependents are provided for in the future when your death occurs.

Level Premiums, Level Amount of Coverage:

This means that you pay the same amount over time as premiums and your dependents receive a certain fixed when you die.

peace of mind:

Having voluntary life insurance policy will offer you peace of mind knowing that his dependents will not pass through financial stress in the event of his passing. This peace of mind comes from knowing that your dependents will have reasonable amount of money to take care of themselves in the event of your passing. As a matter of fact, your funeral expenses wil also be taken care of by the policy benefits. And thereby ensuring that your loved ones do not suffer as a result of your death.

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