As a car insurance policyholder in the USA, knowing the steps to take in making car insurance claim in USA is very important. and as you already know, car insurance is mandatory, and having the appropriate plan is essential for your protection and that of your car inn the event of an accident. in this article, we will take you through the steps you will take to make car insurance claim in the USA.  Knowing these steps will guarantee you a smooth process when filing a car insurance claim in the country. Now, how do you make your motor bike insurance claims when something has happened to your motor bike under insurance? Whether, it is a small damage or a major road incident resulting in injuries, vandalism, or theft.  Here, we will take you through the process of making a motor bike insurance claim. Some of these steps include;


Stay safe

The first step to take the moment you are involved in an accident is to get to a safe location. Thus, moving out of the road for safety reasons should be your first consideration.

Take photos.

It is necessary that you take photos of the scene of accident. The pictures will expose the location of the accident and the position of your car before moving to a safe location. These pictures are necessary in situations where the scene of accident is tampered with. This will be able to reveal the party at fault taking into account the positions of the cars.

Similarly, ensure that the pictures reveal the damages to your car. And any other property of others your car may have damaged. For instance, other cars, street lights, third party injuries etc.

Also, the pictures should show the street name, street signs, and nearby businesses or homes or other landmarks that are easily identifiable and verifiable. It is these pictures that will be of serious help when filling  claims from your insurers.

Do not deny or accept liability

It is very necessary you keep calm after an accident. this is because in such an incident, people come to make inquiries about the cause of the accident.

In essence, do not deny or accept admit liability. Also, do not agree to pay the other party for damages he sustains. This is because, if you admit being at fault, it will negatively affect your insurance claim and benefits.

Inform the police.

This is one of the necessary steps to take. You have to inform the police of your involvement in an accident. The police will visit the scene of the accident and conduct an independent investigation. They will take photos and equally record statements of eye witnesses. And will usually write down what happened and write their report. The report if it corroborates your own will make your claims process very easy.

 Get all necessary information for car insurance claim in USA.

It is important you secure the following information in the presence of other parties.

  1. names and description of all parties
  2. The Addresses and phone numbers of parties
  3. Names of their insurance companies and their policy numbers
  4. License plate numbers of all cars involved in the accident and other details such as year of manufacture, model and make.
  5. Location of incident

Notify your insurance company.

Make sure you contact your insurance company within a reasonable time after the accident if you intend filling a claim. This is to give them pre information that you have a claim to lodge. This is not minding that you may not have all of the necessary paperwork to file a claim at the moment. Putting them on notice may equally push them to demand for some necessary information with respect to your accident.

Gather paperwork before making car insurance claim in USA

After informing your insurance company about your accident, then prepare all the paperwork needed in filling your claims. These documents may include:

  1.  Photographs of the incident showing damage to your car
  2.  Parties information
  3. receipts of medical bills
  4. Police report
  5. Any relevant document which your insurers may require.

Receive your claim.

after you have submitted your claims and the insurance company have conducted their independent investigation, the next step is the payment of your insurance benefits.

Usually, the amount of your insurance benefit will depend on the class of car insurance policy you have.



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