Meaning of Truck Insurance in India

Truck Insurance in India is an insurance policy that provides insurance coverage for trucks which transport goods in the event of an accident leading to damage to the truck. Furthermore, the damage may also result from other sources such as from natural disasters such as earthquakes, cyclone etc. The extent of the coverage may include third party liability cover, property damage cover, personal cover or comprehensive coverage depending on your agreement with the insurance company.

In India, the 3-wheeler trucks and the 4-wheeler trucks enjoy insurance coverage under the commercial vehicle insurance policy. These may be pick-up trucks, delivery trucks or inter-city transport trucks.

Similarly, the third party insurance policy is mandatory for all truckers in India. The Third Party insurance policy in India serves to offer protection to others against personal or property damage caused by your insured truck.

However, it is smarter and advisable to buy the comprehensive truck insurance policy in India which will provide coverage to you, your truck and to others.

What may be covered by truck insurance policy in India

There are items that may be covered by this type of policy and some of them are as listed below. However, you will bear in mind that the bulk of the coverage you will enjoy from your policy will depend on your agreement with the insurance company.

  1. Damage to your car or that of third parties arising from accident involving your truck.
  2. Loss of your truck as a result of theft
  3. Damage to your truck as a result of natural disasters or even man made
  4. Third party liability
  5. Personal accident cover for drivers driving your truck with your permission
  6. Any other add-ons subject to your agreement with your insurer.

What may not be covered

  1. Normal wear and tear of your truck.
  2. Depreciation of your truck
  3.  Mechanical or electrical problems or damage
  4. Damage from a driver not named in the policy
  5. Accidents or damage arising from use over the limitation in the insurance policy.
  6. When an accident or damage occurs outside the location of use stated in the insurance policy
  7. Damage or accident as a result of drunkenness
  8. Accident caused by a driver without a driver’s valid license.


As you are aware, trucking business in India has become a huge industry and on the rise daily as a result of more and more people taking to trucking.

It is as a result of this increase in the industry that has made it imperative for truckers to buy adequate insurance coverage to protect them against the incidents earlier o mentioned.

This insurance policy in India provides truck drivers with a comprehensive coverage that covers different risks, including ranging from accidents, thefts and natural disasters and as well as third party policies

Therefore, this type of insurance policy is very beneficial to truck drivers in India it is very easy to purchase and relatively cheap. Finally, truck insurance in India is a splendid way to ensure that truck drivers and their vehicles enjoy proper protection from eventualities.


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