Progressive Insurance is an American Insurance Company that started insurance business in 1937. It was founded by the duo of Jack Green and Joseph M. Lewis and its headquarters is in Mayfield, Village Ohio. The motto of the insurance company is people who risk, learn and grow. The areas of interest includes but not limited to passenger vehicles insurance, motor bikes, home insurance, pet, life and other sundry insurance policies. The company is the third-largest personal auto insurer in America. This article is to discuss progressive auto insurance.

As the country’s third-largest Auto insurer, the company offers insurance for anything that has to do with motor. It offers huge amount of discounts. These discounts range from safe driver discounts, progressive multi-car insurance discount, progressive auto insurance bundling discount etc. And as well as wide varieties of insurance coverage, including life, medical and coverage for pets that sustains injury in an accident.


Progressive Insurance Auto Insurance Coverage


One of the major insurance policies that progressive insurance offers is the Auto Insurance Policy. In this policy, the company offers discounts such as, safe driver discounts, progressive multi-car insurance discount, progressive auto insurance bundling discount, discount for continuous auto insurance, even if it was with another company, discount for adding a teen driver, discount for getting an online quote for car insurance, discounts when you sign your policy documents online, Paperless discount, discount for paying up to six-months premium upfront, discount for setting up automatic payments from a checking account etc.


Progressive Safe Driver Discount


This is the discount that the company offers to its policyholders making them premium discounts when they do not have accident in the previous three years. This discount may be up to 30% off the regular premium payable on the policy. This is the highest rate of discount the company offers.


Progressive Multi-Car Insurance Discounts


The company’s policies for cars, trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles (SUVS) offers an automatic multi-car policy discount that permits policyholders to combine their policies with any person who resides in the household. The rate of discount is 10%.


Progressive Auto Insurance Bundling Discount


This discount is available to customers who bundle their insurance coverage such as car and motorcycle coverage in one policy.


Paperless Discount


This is a discount available for customers who complete their insurance sign ups online


Full Payment Discount


This is available to customers who pay premiums in full and upfront


Progressive Auto Insurance Cost


The cost of the company’s auto coverage is not static. The rate can vary depending on the city and the state. It will also be determined by the risk being insured and cost of the vehicle.

Similarly, progressive insurance being customer friendly helps them get a fair cost by comparing premiums and annual insurance cost with that of other companies. And to do this, the company it compares the auto insurance coverage limit with the model and make of the vehicle, the year of manufacture, insured amount and deductibles available.


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