Before we discuss SBI car insurance policy, we will talk a little about the SBI General Insurance Company limited which is a general insurance company birthed 14 years ago in 2009 but its operation began in 2010. It has its headquarters in Mumbai India but its services covers all round the world. Its key services includes, health insurance, vehicle/car insurance, accident insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, aviation insurance, fire insurance, liability insurance and crop insurance. There is currently 7026 employees of the insurance company.


The SBI car Policy is one of the insurance services being offered by the SBI general insurance company limited. It is comprehensive car insurance coverage that offers you complete peace of mind as it concerns provision of insurance to your cars and its occupants and also third parties. The policy provides insurance coverage to your car from any kind of damage or theft.  And also offers insurance coverage for medical bills and legal liability to third parties.

Therefore with SBI policy in place, your car and its occupants and third parties will enjoy coverage in the event of any accident.

SBI car insurance serves to provide comprehensive insurance protection against any kind of damage or loss to your car arising from accidents, fire, natural calamities or other sources.

Additionally, the policy provides coverage for medical bills arising from hospitalization in the event of an accident.

SBI car insurance policy terms are usually flexible in that the company offers all kinds of coverage depending on the insurance needs of the prospective policyholders. in other words, the amount and level of coverage you get will largely depend on your budget and your agreement with the company.


One of the great features of SBI car insurance is the provision of excellent customer service. They have a constant customer service team with 24/7 availability to answer questions or assist with any issues you may have. Furthermore, they also provides an online claims application and  settlement service. This will enable you to easily file a claim and get your money quickly in the happening of any risks. It is the above benefits that has put up the SBI car insurance policy is an ideal choice for anyone looking for comprehensive car insurance coverage.


SBI policy provides comprehensive insurance coverage for your peace of mind in India. The comprehensive coverage also extends to overage for third-party liabilities. It also covers liabilities arising from injury or death of a third party. And also damage to property, and even personal accident cover.

There is provision of 24/7 customer service support and cashless settlement of claims across its networks. SBI car insurance is the ideal choice for you when searching for an affordable and reliable insurance policy.

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