Our musical instruments represents one of the most valuable possessions we keep. Most importantly and as a result, it is worth our love, attention, and proper care to make them last longer. one of the ways of caring for our musical instrument is by purchasing brass musical instrument insurance for owners of brass musical instrument. This is irrespective of whether you are a professional musician or amateur one. Moreover, this article will also help you understand the essence of a Brass Musical instrument Insurance policy and tips on taking proper care of the instrument.


This insurance policy is a category of insurance plan which guarantees insurance coverage to owners of the brass musical instrument against the loss, theft and other damages to it. This is to ensure that those who play the instrument at home or those who use it for public performances do not worry about the financial implications of the instrument missing or sustaining damages. This is because the insurance company will always indemnify the policyholders at the happening of such loss or damage by providing a replacement or repairs or through other means as the terms of the policy stipulates.

How to care for your brass musical instruments

There are several ways of taking care of your brass musical instruments and here are some of the tips to taking instruments:

Flush a minimum of once monthly

Make sure to flush out your brass gear once a month. Thus always use mild soap in lukewarm water to do the flushing. and ensure you clean it with cold water and dry it properly once done. be warned that using hot water to flush it will likely damage the lacquer of the instrument.


In order to properly brush your instrument, ensure that you always use a soft brush for cleaning the tubing and slides of the instruments. However, there is need to make sure to renew it for a minimum of twice per annum. The essence of doing this is to ensure that there is no breakage of the bristle inside your brass instrument.

Similarly, ensure you get a good valve cleaner to clean the casing of the valve using a piece of cloth instead of the regular brush. Thus, use this cloth to wipe the value and do this very carefully and one at a time.  And ensure that you fix the valves in the proper order after the cleaning.


To ensure you lubricate properly, use grease of high quality to lubricate the slides.


To care for the mouth piece of your brass musical instrument, use warm water and a good mouthpiece brush to clean the mouthpiece. Not doing this may deteriorate the sound quality of your instrument. And also impact your health over time. In cleanings, ensure you do it with good quality clothes and do not employ harsh chemicals to clean them.


Always keep your brass instruments in their cases. And it is highly important that you keep your brass equipment in an environment with uniform temperature. Furthermore, ensure that you do not keep your brass musical instruments in places with exposure to sunlight. Also, ensure that you use proper case and that the latches are in place when transporting or shipping your brass musical instruments.


When you buy a brass musical instrument insurance plan ensures financial freedom and peace of mind in the event of damage to your instrument. Therefore, it is advisable to always consider your best insurance options when you are planning to buy musical gear. And if you ignore buying it and misfortune happens resulting to damage to your instrument, then, you will have to pay out of your pocket. In the contrast, if you have insurance coverage for your instrument, your insurer will bear the cost of repairs or replacements depending on your agreement with your insurer.


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