Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Meaning of Comprehensive Auto Insurance

Comprehensive auto insurance is a type of automobile insurance policy that offers insurance coverage to vehicles from damages resulting from other factors than a collision. It is designed to pay for repairs arising from incidents such as falling trees, tornado, vandalism, theft, other natural disasters such as earthquake, cyclone etc. Buying comprehensive auto insurance will be very beneficial financially if you drive an old vehicle that has lost significant value. Similarly, increasing your deductible for your comprehensive auto insurance will help to lower your payable premiums.

And like other forms of auto insurance, the comprehensive auto coverage will for part of the loss of the damage. While the vehicle owner will have to pay for part of the costs. This is called the deductible.

What Comprehensive auto Insurance Covers

Below are some of the items covered by comprehensive auto insurance. It includes damages arising from;

  1. Damages arising from contact with animals, such as hitting a deer etc.
  2. Natural disasters, including earthquakes, floods, and hurricanes etc.
  3. Fire outbreak
  4. Riots and vandalism
  5. Vehicle theft, or theft of certain parts of the vehicle
  6. Broken windshields
  7. Fallen objects, including branches, rocks, or hail

And other risks that may enjoy coverage as per the terms of the insurance contract with your insurance company other than a collision. Note also that the policy doesn’t cover any damage to your vehicle arising from hitting potholes in the road. However, damages from potholes are covered by collision insurance since its coverage is for any damage due to collision with an object whatsoever.

Cost of Comprehensive Insurance

There are several factors that affect the cost of comprehensive auto insurance, some of these factors includes;

  1. Deductible
  2. Credit history.
  3. Car make and the model of the car
  4. The history of car insurance affecting the car in question
  5. Age of the vehicle owner
  6. Driving experience
  7. The amount of coverage
  8. Lifestyle- the premium for an alcoholic will ordinarily be higher that a non- alcoholic
  9. And other factors that may be determined by your insurer as risk classes.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The policy will protect you financially from theft, natural disasters, accidents, and weather-related damage. This means you won’t have to pay out of pocket if any of the insured perils befalls your vehicle.

Nonetheless, there are circumstances where comprehensive auto insurance won’t pay for the damages. This circumstances are the disadvantages as stated below.



  1. Comprehensive coverage protects you against natural disinters such as earthquakes, cyclones, rainstorms etc, theft, as well as other incidents beyond your control.
  1. It also covers unforeseen risks and events such as break-ins or a broken windshield wipers arising from hail.
  2. It is the highest amount of auto insurance coverage you can get.



  1. Comprehensive insurance doesn’t cover damages arising from a collision of your cay with any objects.
  1. It may not be advisable to buy for an older car with high mileage because the premiums maybe high.
  2. Comprehensive insurance doesn’t cover personal effects or belongs that are stolen from your car.
  3. It doesn’t provide coverage for damages arising from collision with potholes.


Comprehensive auto insurance is the highest class of auto insurance coverage you can get. Therefore, forgoing comprehensive auto coverage means you could end up with high costs of repairs if your car sustains damages. This means that when you weigh the costs of any potential repairs with the potential amount you will have to pay out of your pocket if your car is damaged, you will understand that the best time to buy your comprehensive plan is mow.

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