Making Car Insurance Claim in France

In this Article we shall discuss the procedure in making car insurance claim in France. Therefore, if you want to make a car insurance claim in France follow the below steps as follows;

Complete the appropriate forms for making car insurance claim in France

In making car insurance claim in France, you will need to fill out your insurance claims forms as well as your European Union accident statement form. You must make sure that all parties sign the forms in the event of an accident and these forms must be sent to your insurance company within 5 days of the happening of the event insured against.

Endeavour to also take the details of all other parties

These may include;

  1. names of all parties
  2. Addresses and phone numbers of all parties
  3. Name of their insurance companies and policy numbers
  4. License plate numbers of all cars involved
  5. Descriptions of all cars including year, make, model
  6. Registration numbers of all cars
  7. Location where incident happened.
  8. Take photos.

 In case the place where the accident occurred is a high traffic area like a highway, it is necessary you take photos of the scene of accident. These photos will show the location where the accident took place and the position of your car before moving to a safer location. The pictures are necessary in case the scene of accident is tampered with. This will be able to reveal who may be at fault taking into account the placement of the car

Similarly, ensure that the photos reveal clearly the damages to your car. And any other property your car may have damaged. For example, other cars, street lights, third party injuries etc.

Also take photos of the location of the accident showing the street name, street signs, and nearby businesses or homes or other landmarks that are easily identifiable. This will enable you tell precisely the exact location of the accident. The location or the scene of the accident is very important.

These Photos represent the best form of accident scene documentation. It is these photographs that will be of serious help when making a claim from your insurers.

Inform the police.

It is very necessary to inform the police of your involvement in an accident when it happens a. The police will usually visit the scene and conduct an independent investigation. They will take pictures and equally record statements from eye witnesses. And will equally write down what happened as well as their observation. They will represent an impartial third party. And their report if it corroborates your own will make your access to your insurance claims very easy. The report will equally make your insurance agent to speed up the processing of your claims.

In a similar vein, it is equally necessary you still lodge a report to the police if your car is lost or vandalized. This is because the report of an independent third party like the police will be taken more seriously by your insurers. And this will guarantee the full payment of your claims having been made with proof. This is contrary to other situations where there are no proofs. If will equally apply for the police report and attach same to your application for claims to your insurers.

You can submit any photos and witness statements to support your insurance claim.

In the event of a theft, you should report it immediately to the police and file an insurance claim within two days (if you have the necessary coverage). Insurance companies in France will wait 30 days before paying out on claims relating to stolen cars

Cancelling a contract and changing Provider

Cancelling an insurance contract in France is generally not as easy as many other European countries. However, because, car insurance is now compulsory in France where insurance policies will auto-renew after the initial 12 months and will do this every year unless the policyholder cancels the policy, the process of cancellation has become easier.

Moreover when you enter into insurance contract in France, you have a penalty-free initial 14-day period where you can cancel such contract. But after this period, you have the final two months of the first year to cancel it, unless in circumstances where there is the sale of the car or in the event of the death of the policyholder. Similarly, without prejudice to your right to cancel the contract within the first year, be mindful, however, that you can only do the cancellation not earlier than two months and no later than 15 days before the expiry date of the contract. But after the first 12 months have passed, you reserve the rights to cancel the contract at anytime.

Whenever you have followed the appropriate procedure for cancellation of your insurance contract, the insurance company will terminate the contract one month after the receipt of the notice of cancellation. If there are premiums paid and which exceeds that period, the insurance company will refund you.

Just as you are free to cancel your insurance contract in France, you are equally free to change your insurance providers. Thus, it is advisable to shop around each year to find out if there are better providers with better insurance quotes.

Making complaint about car insurance company in France

Most times policyholders feel uncomfortable with a product or are not fairly treated by their insurance companies in France. And wish to make a complaint for redress. In this circumstance, the first approach is to try resolving the wrongs with the complaints department of the Insurer. This is because, insurance companies usually have their on laid down complaints resolutions procedures which are sometimes part of the documents handed to you upon purchase of your insurance policy. The company generally have fifteen days to respond to complaints.

However, if after the complaint is lodged and the company do not provide you with a sufficient and satisfactory response, you can now La Mediation de l’ Assurance which is an independent body in France oversees insurance complaints from policyholders and members of the public.

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