Prestige phone insurance 

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Prestige phone Insurance is an insurance company that offers an affordable device protection insurance policy to device owners. Their policy plans are usually simple, convenient and affordable to all. And it serves to provide insurance coverage against theft, accidental Damages, and consequential loss.

Prestige phone insurance products

  1. Device insurance cover
  2. Screen damage only

Device insurance

Device Insurance is one of the services offered by prestige insurance company and it serves to protect you against unexpected expenses from partial or complete damage to your device/phone. It provides insurance coverage for loss or damage to your phone. Device insurance by prestige insurance provides the following coverage; screen damage repair, accidental liquid damage, accidental fire damage, motherboard replacement as well as accidental loss. Prestige insurance usually pays up to 65% of the cost of your phone in the event of total loss which may be as a result of theft or accidental loss or by any other factors.

Screen damages only

This product offers screen replacement only upon the breakage or damages to the screen of your phone. Prestige insurance will provide coverage for up to 35% of the cost of the phone in the event that your phone screen breaks. E.g. if the cost of your phone is N15, 000.00 and the Cost of insurance is N500.00 the company will pay you N5, 250.00 to repair your screen. It therefore means that if the broken screen price is N10, 000.00, then you will pay the balance of N4, 750.00 out of pocket. 

Conditions for prestige phone insurance coverage

  1. Prestige phone insurance reserves the discretion to change the terms of the policy from time to time.
  2.  The terms of the policy shall also be governed by and construed according to extant insurance and any other relevant laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  3. No coverage for negligence or careless handling of phones resulting in damage to it.
  4.  Covers only phones bought in a reputable outlet after due inspection.
  5. The company will only cover items in the policy
  6. The benefits of this Policy is not transferrable
  7. For accidents or damages which may result into a claim, the company must be put on notice within seven (7) days.
  8. Only repair outlets with authority shall fix all damages to phones or devices

What is not covered?

Prestige phone insurance company policy will not cover:

  1. Damage as a result of a manufacturer’s error.
  2.  If it is a  damage as a result of recall of the phone
  3. Repairs or any other costs as a result of routine servicing such as inspection or servicing
  4. If you carry out any repairs without prior authorization
  5. Normal wear and tear to the phone
  6. Cosmetic Damage
  7. It will not cover phones produced wholly or partially from precious metals, stones or crystal
  8. If it is damage such as normal scratching of the outer casings, aerials or keypads
  9.  Will not cover any phone for which the serial number IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) or SIMgate has been altered
  10. Damages as a result of your Failure to abide by the Manufacturer’s instruction.
  11.  You will not receive payment of indemnity for any expense as a result of your inability to use the phone.
  12. Will not cover any cost other than the scope of policy coverage or outside the terms of the policy.
  13. Any loss as a result of negligence on the part of the policyholder or any other person with his knowledge or connivance.
  14. Damage to your phone arising from invasion, terrorism, war, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities whether war is declared or not, insurrection, rebellion, revolution, military or usurped power, etc.
  15. Accidental damage as a result of immersion of any kind to its parts or accessories
  16. Any loss or damage to data, information or software in your phone.
  17. Phone bought from an online auction site.
  18. Damage from pressure waves caused by aircraft or other aerial devices travelling at high speeds (sonic or supersonic speed).

Procedure for filling claims with prestige phone insurance

  1. You will send a notification to the company through either their website ( or through email ( or phone contact (0700 PRESTIGE (77378443), 08150881399).
  2. The company will contact the Customer and directed to the nearest drop off centre or branch Drop off centre.
  3. The branch will do an initial assessment of device
  4. The customer will be availed with the outcome of the assessment and will be given a date to report back ( maximum of 10 days)
  5. The company’s Service centre will receive phone from drop off centre for repairs.
  6. After the repairs, the Customer will be notified to come and pick up the phone

Eligibility for Coverage

This phone coverage applies to only phones bought within the territorial limits of the Federal Republic of Nigeria from a reliable outlet. Thus, the customer must also have to insure it to be able to enjoy coverage.

Area of coverage of prestige phone insurance

This insurance policy covers phones which are bought and used within the Federal Republic of Nigeria. However, the coverage may also cover damages sustained in any other part of the world provided that the phone is brought in for repair in Nigeria.

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